Analysis: Why Is Thriving Galanz Microwave Oven?

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Basically given up with the United States and Dong Ling Kai Qin and other bulls to bid


Program, the industry said: This is because the Samsung quietly fade out the Chinese market,


Secret retreat of the front, while veteran of Whirlpool, Sharp, Sanyo, Daewoo has a comprehensive defeat of China!

Other investigative bodies, according to the PRC, and the world famous association of the microwave oven market analysis: China's microwave oven was officially formed "inverted pyramid" of the "oligarchs pattern" at the top of the pyramid is Glanz, its market share close to 70 %, second-line




, LG Glanz in the desperate siege, and to LG and Matsushita led foreign legion of about 20% of the total shares, has a comprehensive defeat the Chinese market. Glanz recently introduced second-tier brands frequently on "sugar daddy" and focused their attention on tactical, hot pursuit Galanz shoving light technology, the formation of a Haier, LG has also played the card of good light situation, the power of technology previews shuffle .

World famous Mr. Kurt Association: LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Whirlpool and other foreign brands mostly take the high road, but the quality is not high, and Galanz in mechanical, mechanical-style barbecue, electronic BBQ type microwave significant market advantage, with half of the retail volume market share, following the brand Haier, LG and other well-matched.

According to the PRC, research, from


Quality of view, Galanz outstanding new markets to V Shangguang Bo, one key electronic oven, etc. firmly in control of the high-end market of innovative products; from best-selling model of view, the domestic market top ten best-selling models were the top five list exclusively by the Galanz


, The leading light wave technology and the mainstream is increasingly obvious. Galanz the microwave oven as "profiteering" all destroyed, the industry profit margin is only 3%, so loss of foreign brands into the black hole after another, have to do the strategic retreat.

Recently, Galanz, Haier, LG lightwave technology battle intensified. Not amount to anything even subtly individual enterprises donated a few dollars to a small metal frame to play the "free upgrade" slogan, by crossing a value of one binary wire and


Production of gifts made up "upgrade lies," brazenly fool consumers. In fact, the true light in the high temperature state, can not use the rubber material for two reasons: one, easily lead to


; 2, will have serious detrimental


Substances, unless the light can not produce heat.

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Paradise and other appliances


Staff summary of a hodge-survival "two trick": One is made up technical concepts, disguised price hikes, such as "UV", "free upgrade", "new high", etc., the concept of cheating some profit, Gouqietousheng; its Second, continue to implement the "sugar daddy" tactics, such as fabricated "X Version hegemony", "XX together with Galanz cleaning market," information concepts, so that consumers mistaken about the no-name and Glanz, dying.

According to the analysis: Samsung, LG,


, Daewoo and so defeat the Chinese, is due to the high end of microwave technology have all been Galanz monopoly, foreign investors the right to do nothing Galanz technology development; together with the latter a large production scale and excellent management of the cost efficiency advantage, firmly grasp the right pricing, foreign brands in the "cost" of the dispute in the natural retreat; the same time, foreign brands "for soils of


"Loss, not of some no-name school in the marketing hype and fake concepts such as" sugar daddy "tactic, which is one of the main foreign investors out.
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Analysis: Why Is Thriving Galanz Microwave Oven?

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This article was published on 2010/10/15